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At 1st Step, the primary focus of our substance abuse treatment is meeting each individual in the present moment to guide them along their journey of recovery. Making the decision to find help at one of the many existing Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers isn’t the kind of decision anyone necessarily makes enthusiastically. Some people can experience relief or a sense of freedom in realizing they need help with substance abuse, but many will have complex ideas and feelings about confronting their problems. 1st Step Behavioral Health is a Florida drug and alcohol treatment center dedicated to helping people on an individual basis, discover for themselves the steps they will need to take to achieve a lasting change. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, or any co-occurring mental health conditions, we invite you to call today.

I rarely write this sort of thing, but if it will help just one person to choose 1st Step for themselves or a loved one, it will have served its …Andrea B.

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The Gift of Recovery with Alcohol and Drug Rehab at 1st Step

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1st Step is a vision started by Gus Crocco, L.C.S.W., who has over 25 years of experience in the field of Addictions and Co-Occurring disorders. Today his vision has been realized and cultivated into a comprehensive treatment program. Everyone who is a part of the staff at 1st Step believe that the disease of addiction and/or co-occurring disorders are treatable, and are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals in recovery.

From the founder Gus Crocco to the support staff, everyone at 1st Step is invested in encouraging the recovery process. We believe the greatest gift a person can receive is the gift of a long lasting recovery. This gift allows you to see life through the eyes of someone with a deep understanding of lessons from the past. Imagine what it would be like to have this insight, and to be able to make changes today based on that knowledge. At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we believe recovering from addiction and dual diagnosis is exactly that; a new life forged from the knowledge of the past. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help today.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab:
1st Step’s Mission

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1st Step Behavioral Health is a licensed and Joint Commission Accredited dual-diagnosis long term care facility. We focus on physiological rebalancing of the individual through medical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care. As a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment center, we are able to assist individuals and families from assessment through aftercare.

Each client at our alcohol and drug addiction treatment center will have their own unique story and experience with how substance abuse began to take hold in their life. Our goal at 1st Step Behavioral Health drug treatment program is for our clients to surrender the urge to “fix” themselves and begin to participate in the natural healing process of life. Once this goal is accepted, it’s possible to move out of the problem and into the solution. It is our philosophy that when an individual is given our excellent standard of care and treatment as well as an opportunity to experience faith and hope, the miracle of change can occur.


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Swimming Pool at our Florida drug and alcohol treatment center
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